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About Us

When fate has it's way...

Once known as Inspired Glimpse Photography, birthed Mo'Elle Photography & Video. At the beginning of 2020, two highly talented individuals would be struck by fate & cross paths. Mounir (Mo), a videographer specializing in cinematic music production & Gabrielle (Elle), a highly-skilled photographer. The two twin flames share a mutual passion for their artistic craft, it didn't take long to combine their art & create magic. Later bringing their 4 year old son Markel (Maurie) in as the youngest published photographer in the Nation!

The chemistry of this dynamic duo can be seen not only behind the lens but in their portfolio as well. The passion, dedication, & thirst to present the best captured moments to their clients is what sets them apart from any other team. They promise a shooting experience like no other & guarantee authentically beautiful results. Mo'elle is now a household name specializing in what they like to call "Everything" photography. 


Meet The Team


Mounir/ Mo

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Mo likes to listen to music, watch basketball, & edit videos in his spare time. He specializes in Videography but is also known to take extraordinary photos. Fun Facts, he came up with a laundry concoction to get the whitest white out of clothing. He is an internationally known artist that writes, engineers, & produces his own music.


Gabrielle/ Elle

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Elle likes to sleep, have family time, & meditate in her free time (emphasis on the sleep part). She specializes in Photography & is known for catching the most captivating angles of clients. Fun Fact, she has the largest Google following on the East Coast, 20 million & growing. She is a published Author as well as a former plus size model.


Markel/ Maurie

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Maurie likes to eat, play basketball, & go to the arcade in his spare time. He specializes in making clients laugh & helping with playful pose suggestions. Fun Fact, he is the youngest published photographer & is being taught how to film as well as edit. His dream is to become a famous painter.

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